RAMP is a “Technology Development” company, that designs and builds custom automation systems.

We are designers, automation system integrators and skilled machine builders that support manufacturers.

Customers rely on our innovative approach to problem solving and configuring technologies helps make their products and processes successful.

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Automation Consulting > Strategy > Design > Build > Commission

If you are launching a product, need an automated solution or need multiple machines then RAMP is your partner. We understand program management in the automation sector and have participated in many product launches for automation solutions with clients all around the globe. Our goal is to help you achieve a business case for an automation investment.

    • Pre-automation consulting
    • Multi machine and multiple locations
    • Local and global deployment
    • Preserving business case for automation

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We know product design and are experts at product fit. We are also experts at automation, robot integration, machine design and machine utilization and have a wealth of experience building thousands of automated systems. This experience has given us a unique perspective in understanding production challenges and automation integration. At RAMP we help with prototyping, proof of principle projects, concurrent engineering and process automation optimization projects.

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Designing automation is a challenge. Optimizing machines is even tougher and we are up for the challenge. Ensuring uptime and high OEE over the lifetime of the capital equipment is a paramount focus at RAMP. Our approach to optimization is to make machines easy to service and support. We design for lowest overall total cost of ownership.

  • Product Lifecycle Management PLM
  • Maintainability
  • Product Evolution
  • Business case evaluation

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Building a system that endures the demands of 24/7 manufacturing is important to RAMP. Also critical is minimizing the life cycle costs of your machinery. We design, build, service and retrofit automation that lasts.

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The final step in machine building is successful commissioning of the automation system. A key component to commissioning is coordinating planning and training. Our technical team members excel at the transfer of operating knowledge to our customers in a timely and efficient manner.

  • Equipment ramp to full production capability
  • Assisting in your product launch
  • Mass production efficiency realization early
  • Training: Production/Maintenance

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our process

At RAMP we believe that no matter the size or scale of the project, good project management is fundamental to our customers’ success.


Program / Project Management

Structured Approach

The RAMP approach to an automation design, a retrofit or automation program is always the same – we manage projects with full responsibility for scope, time and budget. We know that time is money and time to market is critical in today’s competitive manufacturing environment.


Pre Commercialization

Product Design / DFM

Getting involved early in the design cycle is critical for success in automation. We get involved at the product design stage and also for manufacturability of your parts. Design for automation (DFM) can have a large impact if overlooked. Ensuring your part fit is suitable for automated assembly is our standard approach.


Pre Automation Services

Process Design / Quality Planning

Whether we are planning the process design, the quality plan or a Factory Acceptance Test FAT, the Site Acceptance test SAT, the URS or FRS we use our extensive background and experience putting forth the best plan for success in complex automation machines, projects and programs.


System Design

Functional Requirements

At RAMP we take the time to understand the specific functional requirements of the machine or system we are building or repairing. We also help design the specifications for our customers.


Equipment and Tooling Build

Skills Applied

Tooling is the product contact point for any automation system or complex machine. Our talented staff have built thousands of tools for our customers in almost every industry imaginable. We know how to design and build robust flexible tools that will last.


Systems Integration

Qualifying Designs

Systems integration, design qualification and design testing is crucial for machinery builders. Communications and connections to various equipment is key to working effectively in today’s complex manufacturing environments. At RAMP we consistently stay on top of machine integration techniques and technologies to bring our customers superior value and performance.


Performance Testing

Validating Systems

Validating and testing operational performance against design requirements is one of our specialties at RAMP. We pride ourselves on innovative and creative methods to maximize quality levels, machine performance and decrease downtime.


Installation Commissioning

Operational Launch

RAMP was founded on helping manufacturing clients ramp up their production equipment quickly and enjoy the benefits of high operational equipment efficiency (OEE) during the launch phase of automated machinery.


Performance Maintenance

Service – Support

Automation is about efficiency, speed, safety and optimization. RAMP’s focus is to help companies achieve the best return for their investment in robots, automation and capital equipment. Once commissioned, we work with our clients to service, support and optimize your equipment for optimal service life.


Retrofit Automation

Extended Life Cycle

We understand manufacturing and product life cycles. We work with our customers to extend the life cycle of the equipment that we are building. Extending equipment life can give your operation and your product a competitive cost and time-to-market advantage. We offer innovative approaches to extending machine life and a plan for retrofitting early in the automation life cycle.

Machinery: Design, Build, Commission

Not just an Automation Integrator.

Our competitive differentiation is in our deep technical experience, broad industry diversification, innovative approach, our flexibility and adherence to project management principles. We understand the business of manufacturing and how an excellent machine builder-partner can make the difference in your bottom line.

what customers say

  • "RAMP has become a reliable source for complete engineered solutions and on site implementation, I entrust that the job will get done and they deliver."

    Ady Vyas, Engineering Manager – Canadian Solar Manufacturing, Guelph, Ontario

  • "Fast response with capable resources have proven very effective in improving production efficiency and reducing operational costs."

    Rick Williams, General Manager – Canadian Solar Manufacturing, Guelph, Ontario

  • "RAMP Inc. is a valued supplier to our capacity management. We’ve found them to be an effective way to flex during peak periods, enabling us to meet customer commitments and stretch revenue goals."

    David Pitts, President – Angstrom Engineering Inc., Kitchener, Ontario

  • "The program RAMP mapped out for our firm was quite helpful and I think in the longer term we will realize financial benefits from those efforts. It was worthwhile to have a third party analyze our processes and implement a plan that was tailored to our needs. Best of all, I was pleased to notice you brought our project in under budget."

    Dave Adsett, General Manager – WHA Publications Wellington Advertiser, Fergus, Ontario

of unique talents and skilled automation specialists

founders’ message


RAMP was founded on the premise that automation and the use of innovative technology to improve products and processes, is fundamental to our local and global economies. Our management team, employees and partners deliver solutions that enable our customers to be competitive and to successfully bring their products to market. We truly enjoy our key role in Advanced Manufacturing and see every challenge as an opportunity to make a difference.

Mike Cybulski & Thomas Nitsche

career opportunities

At RAMP we are always on the lookout for talented automation professionals who are passionate and want to make a difference in our industry. We are actively building our team and have multiple positions available.