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At RAMP we offer automation services and solutions with longevity in mind. From the Total Cost of Ownership, to maintenance, support and project life cycle, our focus is to create automation that can be delivered optimally and that creates instant value and high return on investment for our customers.

Our services include Design & Build, Project Management, Technical Services and Commissioning.

our services include

At RAMP we adhere to the project management philosophy set out by the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) process for initiating planning, executing, monitoring and closing all projects. We are more than just automation integrators. We approach automation with a bigger picture in mind. Yes, we are very good at problem solving, but we prefer to look at your product from a high level to dig out the details – the sub assemblies, the various technologies, part families, upstream and downstream processes and how the flow of materials may affect the automation system design and the implementation.


We like to get involved early in the automation process. At RAMP we help with many of the elements that manufacturers need to get started with purchasing an automated machine or connecting many machines together.

In the pre-automation phase we have experience in design for assembly (DFA) and design for manufacturability (DFM). We can add value through design validation and adding or changing part features to make components easier for part feeding, sorting, vision, or assembly.

Development of machine specifications
Selection of third party process and specialized machinery
Prototype and benchtop automation
Process validation
Cycle time studies

Automation / Commercialization

As a manufacturer the most important project phase is your commercialization and getting the most out of your automation investment. Your automation must be robust, safe, efficient and must scale with your manufacturing needs. RAMP was built on the promise of getting your automation running quickly and producing parts in the shortest possible timeframe.

The key to manufacturing excellent products is in a solid, robust design. Good process not only creates a good design, but results in excellence in manufacturing. Our job as machine builders and machine integrators is to develop and extract the process design knowledge from our customers. We are then able to explicitly define the equipment and material flow for the machine, zone or factory and quantify the parameters required for optimal equipment performance.

Whether we design a single machine, multiple automation cells or a complete automation system, we begin with the basics: the functional requirements. What does the machine need to do? What are the cycle times and overall equipment effectiveness rates? What part families on the machinery need to be taken into consideration? Once the functional requirements are understood and agreed, we can begin the design process.

In today’s competitive manufacturing environment, control over the process design is critical for quality. The product and its key characteristics are controlled by the process, so whether it is function, form, fit or colour, finish or texture, we work with you to understand your process and create automation that will fit now and in the future.

Our company started by assisting companies to get the most the value for their investment in custom machines, robotics and automated machinery.

RAMP manufactured systems are tested and debugged as they are built. Prior to shipping, we run our functional tests and final run-off to identify and make minor adjustments. This documented process proves out the system according to the customer approved acceptance test plan and verification procedures.

Typical pre-shipping tests can include:

Overall electrical inspection
Software verification testing
Vision / measurement system repeatability testing
Cycle time testing and OEE
Instrumentation calibration
Health and safety review
Review of spares, wear items and emergency parts

Once testing is complete at the RAMP facility, the machine or system is packed, shipped and uncrated at your facility. The RAMP team will reassemble and power up the system for final factory acceptance testing (FAT) and site acceptance validation tests, as well conduct final operator training and orientation.

Knowledge Transfer

Commissioning also involves ensuring proper knowledge transfer. These formal training sessions ensure your machine operators understand the machinery, are familiar with tooling, maintenance, error codes, documentation and safety features built into every machine.

our automation systems capabilities include:

  • Assembly automation
  • Conveyor integration
  • Robot integration and End of Arm Tools
  • Leak testing
  • Welding automation
  • Test and inspection systems
  • Automated part feeding solutions
  • Material handling
  • Replication

platforms that we integrate

  • Modular
  • Flexible
  • Rotary dial systems
  • Power and Free conveyance
  • Robotic systems
  • Servo coordinated motion
  • Precision positioning
  • Cam driven
  • Web handling

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