Why work at RAMP ?

    The RAMP working environment is positive and exciting! We support a strong culture that empowers our employees to provide input to solutions.  We strive to grow their capabilities and experiences by advocating for continuous learning and development. We offer the ability to work autonomously and to make decisions that matter.

    • Technologically – we offer exposure on the latest platforms available in real world applications
    • Socially – we have multiple annual events and regular extra curricular activities that promote a great, out of office interaction between individuals and families.
    • Benefits – we offer benefits for all full-time employees
    • Compensation – we offer competitive wages and paid overtime

    Growth is part of every employees’ individual plan, with training and movement opportunities available as the company grows.

    Come and join the team at RAMP and make a difference!

    Check out some of our employees comments below:

    Yasser Sawadi

    “I enjoy working at Ramp Inc. because I am impressed with the quality and attention to detail that we have here. The customer is getting an extremely well functioning device or assembly, all aspects of the job are looked after so carefully. The team pays excellent attention to detail on the execution of the project and the quality of the design. We also have a great environment of team work and learning”.

    David Hess

    “I really enjoy the group of people that I work with. We are all very open with each other, we have great team work and enjoy coming in everyday. The work is also very exciting, we are always doing and learning something new”.

    Miro Jovkovic

    “Ramp Inc. is a great place for people to learn, belong to a good team and develop our strengths. We get involved in everything! We oversee the whole system, quoting, design, manufacturing, and installation”.

    Mark Haight

    “I like working at Ramp Inc. because there is freedom and flexibility. We have a casual dress code, a welcoming atmosphere, a flexible working environment and the ability to work at home and remote in”.

    Chris Bayne

    “I enjoy working at Ramp Inc. because of the pleasant working environment. We are a knowledgeable and talented group of people who support each other. The team has a good sense of humour, and we have so much passion for the job; we want to do things the right way”.

    Stephen Slothouber

    “I really enjoy working at Ramp Inc. because everyone’s ideas are listened to here. We are open with each other and team orientated. There is potential to grow, individually and as a company. The new technologies that we are working on are awesome; we’re not pigeon-holed to old technologies, and encouraged to continue to search for new and emerging technology”.

    Matt Buchwald

    “I like working at Ramp Inc. because we are exposed to many different industries and technologies, and we have the opportunity for learning and training to tackle new challenges.  I really enjoy the variety of tasks and projects that we get to work on here.  Quoting, electrical design, documentation, shop support, testing, programming, and commissioning are all tasks that I like working on and have had the opportunity to do.  We have worked on machines for medical devices, automotive, and consumer products.  We have used 4 major PLC platforms and 3 different robot manufacturers.  The diversity of what we get to do is amazing!”

    “Ramp Inc. has a small company feel, everyone knows each other and we have a very friendly atmosphere. The social events are well attended and very enjoyable. We have Christmas parties, a softball team, a golf tournament and BBQ lunches. There are also no silo’s at Ramp Inc! Each team works very well together and looks out for the company’s best interest as a whole. We have a great feeling of camaraderie between disciplines working towards a common goal”.