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Robust tools are the product of good planning through pre-automation development and the understanding of the process needed to fabricate, handle and assemble your products. Good tools should last, be easy to maintain, have exceptional uptime and produce the highest levels of quality.

our services include

Custom machinery and automation is what we do. Every machine is unique and specially purpose built for our customers. Each product and process has its own design requirements and this customizes your equipment requirements.

RAMP is located in Waterloo Region, North America’s leading cluster of manufacturing automation professionals with a concentration of robot integrators, programmers, toolmakers and project managers. We understand how to approach, design, build and sustain custom machinery, custom automation and specialized tooling.

Our custom machinery experience includes:

  • Assembly equipment
  • Automated welding
  • Pick and place automation
  • Inspection automation
  • Material handling automation
  • Fastening automation systems
  • Stand alone test / performance equipment
  • Packaging integration
  • Secondary packaging
  • Prototype automation
  • Proof of principle

For many of our clients, quality compliance is held in high regard and is a priority. Markets such as medical device and pharmaceutical automation are the highest levels of product and process control. RAMP understands the validation process and these requirements become a function of the equipment design. That’s where our experience in automated machine control and testing, plays a big role in quality output.

At RAMP we integrate the latest peripheral hardware supplied industry leading providers of process control, vision , lighting, optics and laser systems to complement the automated machinery that we build.

We have a rich supplier network including global leaders, such as Keyence, Cognex, Balluff, Beckhoff, Siemens, Allen Bradley, Omron, KUKA, Fanuc, IPG and many others.

Our skilled software developers code in high level programming languages and we integrate industry standard PLCs and robotics controllers for function and fit, levels of the automation solution.

At RAMP we are machinery integration experts. From conveyance, robots, sensors and part feeding systems to vision, laser and final test — we have integrated all kinds of disparate systems into reliable turnkey factory automation solutions for our customers.

Our staff work with our suppliers to bring next generation technologies into our production systems and offer our customers the latest innovations in industrial automation. At RAMP we never design to an old standard platform, as this is recognized as being obsolete and puts the future upgrading / retrofitting at risk. We integrate the latest controls platforms, communication protocols, sensors, wireless technologies, laser / vision and Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), to ensure customers get the latest technology upon installation.

We continually train and educate our service, sales, integrators and technical staff to our rigorous professional standards.

In today’s automated factories, manufacturers have the opportunity to connect to equipment, ERP systems and production information systems. Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) enables manufacturers to understanding where the problems lie in the automated manufacturing process, to anticipate a potential problem and take action to stop, correct or mitigate it.

At RAMP we are experts at implementing SCADA systems and are at the cutting edge of Industry 4.0 and the IoT (Internet of Things) integration and implementation, for our clients that require this level of manufacturing sophistication.

Our programmers can integrate recipe driven requirements from production planning systems, optimize production by shift or by day and connect to material management systems. Any production system configuration can be supported, from wireless communications, machine to machine or machine to autonomous vehicle, we can provide a complete intelligence solution.

Whether you need real time reporting, audio, visual or mobile alerts, RAMP has the background, technology, and experience to provide a complete SCADA solution in your production facility.

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