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a new approach to industrial automation
When we started out at RAMP our goal was to serve our customers by becoming an extension of their technical resources as a “Manufacturing Resource Group”. Using a proven business approach, we aim to be the trusted source for providing operational stability and peak production system performance.
RAMP’s highly experienced team of talented and skilled automation professionals are committed to our customers’ success. Our dedication to quality, safety and hard results is our promise each and every day.

At RAMP our core competencies include

  • Minimizing/mitigating risk
  • Factory automation systems and robot integration
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Data acquisition and reporting (SCADA)
  • A deep understanding of advanced manufacturing
  • Diverse industry experience
  • Scalable project leadership and management
  • Business case understanding and comprehensive project requirements
  • Innovative design solutions and simplicity in maintenance and support
  • Ability to execute and implement

Core value driven

RAMP Inc. is strategically located in SouthWestern Ontario, one of North America’s leading robotic integration and automation clusters. We are surrounded by a healthy technology community that includes trade schools and universities and an industry-leading robotic cooperative learning center at Conestoga College.

Our employees are talented tradespeople, toolmakers, designers, automation integrators and professional project managers with a wealth of experience in maintaining, optimizing, building and harnessing the power of automation for small, medium and enterprise customers.

We started with a simple purpose: to help clients get more from their automation investment. We now design and build complete automation systems: from robotic handling to special purpose custom machinery and complex multi-station automated systems.

At RAMP, our core values are:

■ Committed to Customer Success
■ Dedicated to Quality
■ Accountable to Results

■ Promoting Teamwork
■ Uncompromising Integrity
■ Priority to Safety

Our Mission

Be accountable to customer success by providing technical solutions and resources with a commitment to quality and integrity.

Our Experience

At RAMP we have acquired experience in many areas of industrial automation, automation integration and machine building. Our staff has experience building custom automation and robot integration from automotive, consumer and healthcare industries to food processing, computer electronics and medical device automation systems.

Our Vision

Be the trusted source to support advanced manufacturing.

Management Team

Ken McDonald

Manufacturing Manager
Ken has extensive experience as a toolmaker / integrator in the field of manufacturing, assembly and commissioning of large scale custom built automation for a wide variety of industries. He is passionate about service and performance optimization and other types of manufacturing equipment.

Tom Nitsche

President and General Manager
Tom has a background in the tool and die trade, focusing on manufacturing and automation integration. This experience, as well as leadership roles and business sense, provides a solid background for an automation company and understanding customer needs.

Jeff Kerr

Mechanical Design Manager
Jeff is an experienced mechanical systems designer in the automation business. Strengths in mechanical engineering and business administration provide an awareness of strategic thinking towards automation systems solutions.

Mike Cybulski

Director of Business Development
Mike has a vast experience in various leadership roles for automation companies across North America and has a refreshing, common sense approach to automated solutions for his customers.

Steve Gugeler

Manager of Control Systems
Steve applies his controls and software experiences in assembly and testing automation across all manufacturing sectors. Data driven with a passion for results, he leads teams to simple solutions for complex automation system problems.

Michael Balzan

Michael's understanding of the automation life cycle and the manufacturing business ensures that customer's requirements are identified and satisfied. With excellent communication and proven leadership skills, he provides end users with a high value proposition and confidence in a successful program outcome.

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